Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

I recently saw this video for Japanese gift wrapping, and thought “WOW! That looks so fast and easy!” So I tried it!

It was NOT fast or easy! I didn’t even get close to wrapping a gift like the video. Maybe you have more talent and patience than I do, but if not, here are some alternative easy gift wrapping ideas I found.

1. Brown Paper Bag It

easy gift wrapping- paper bag wrapping Courtesy of The Party Studio Blog. Quick and easy brown paper bag idea. You can get creative and add various types of ribbons or tags. There are also many other cute brown paper bag ideas you can find by doing a quick search on Pinterest.

2. Use Socks

easy gift wrapping- sock gift wrapping

Formal Fringe provides this cute idea on how to use a pair of socks to wrap a wine bottle.

3. Towel Wrapping

easy gift wrapping- towel wrapping easy gift wrapping- towel wrapping



Making Lemonade and The Housewife Rookie provide these ideas of using a towel to wrap up a gift.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Boxes

easy gift wrapping- toilet paper roll wrapping

Romanian Mum Blog shows how you can use toilet paper tubes to make your own pillow boxes. Decorate as you wish!

5. Tissue Paper Flower Wrapping

easy gift wrapping tissue paper wrapping

A Martha Stewart idea for wrapping wedding favors, but could be used to wrap any type of round gift package for any occasion!


If all else fails, or you just don’t have the time to get those gifts wrapped, you can also hire someone to wrap your gifts for you! I had no idea this was a service until I did a quick search for it while creating this blog post! There are some places that will even come to you to do your gift wrapping! A few have been added to ServiceLynks. Check them out here!

Happy Wrapping!


By: Emily Bettis

Founder of ServiceLynks


December 15, 2014